A Simple Wedding Ring Guide

A Simple Wedding Ring Guide

Even today when modern people are trying to alter traditions, it seems that the importance of the wedding ring is still the same as hundreds of years ago. The symbol of marriage exchanged during the special wedding ceremony is the symbol of eternal love. This is the reason why you must pick this ring carefully. In this blog post, we will share a simple wedding ring guide with you.

Know your budget

First of all, before you visit the jewelry store or used an online jewelry store like Brilliant Earth, you must know your budget. According to some specialists in this field, the wedding rings should cost between 2 and 5% of your total wedding budget. Of course, you can always ignore this suggestion. But, what’s important is that you should set some budget. The price is affected by the metal (gold, platinum etc.) and the gems used on the ring if any.

Analyze the metals

As we already said, there are a few metals used in the production of wedding tings. Some of the most commonly used metals for wedding rings include platinum, palladium, white gold and gold. Some of them are more expensive than the others. In addition to their general appearance, some of these metals look better on specific skin tones. It’s a good idea to try wedding rings made of different metals before you make a final decision.

Don’t choose the rings in a hurry

Once you get engaged it’s much easier to make a plan for the wedding day. But, this doesn’t mean that you should do everything in a hurry. Many couples believe that choosing wedding rings is simple, but it’s not like that at least if you want to pick beautiful rings that suit you and your partner. It’s a smart decision to start shopping for these rings two or three months before the wedding date.

Choose the right style

Finally, in order to get the most from your wedding rings, you should choose a suitable style. Wedding rings are available in a wide array of styles. There are plain, thick, thin, rounded, enriched with diamonds and other gems, squared and many other kinds of wedding rings. The simplest solution is to choose a wedding ring that matches your personal style and a ring that will make you feel comfortable even if you are wearing it on a daily basis.

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