A Few Things You Should Learn About Lab Diamonds

A Few Things You Should Learn About Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds, also known as lab created diamonds and synthetic diamonds, are a special kind of diamonds made in laboratories under specific conditions. In this process, the creators are recreating the natural process of the formation of diamonds. So, we are talking about a sophisticated imitation of diamonds. It takes millions of years for our planet to create natural diamonds. In most cases, they are created many miles under the surface of our planet.

But, when it comes to lab diamonds, the entire process usually lasts for a few days. It is good to point out that structurally and chemically, these diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. This is the reason why the GIA (Gemological Institutes of America) have classified lab diamonds in the same way as real diamonds. Once again, you can’t tell the difference between these diamonds in terms of optical, chemical and physical characteristics. As some of you may know, lab diamonds are graded with the 4 Cs in mind – color, clarity, cut and carat.

Another thing that you should learn about lab diamonds is the fact that they can be created in laboratories in two different ways – Chemical Vapor Deposition or High Pressure High Temperature method. The majority of the lab diamonds found on the market is made with the help of the CVD method. In this method, carbon, as well as other important trace elements, are grown in specially designed chambers at high temperatures and pressure. After a few days, the carbon vapor starts re-crystallizing on a layer of seed crystals. After that, the gemstones are polished and cut.

Laboratory diamonds look the same as mined diamonds. Even an experienced person in this field will not be able to tell the difference between these two with a naked eye. This difference can be spotted only with the help of advanced geological equipment and series of tests.

Lab diamonds are usually way cheaper compared to naturally mined diamonds. Many people are buying bigger lab diamonds for the same price as significantly smaller natural diamonds. In addition, lab diamonds are available in a wide array of colors. We should also mention that when you are using lab diamonds, you can rest assured that they are not coming from areas torn by war conflicts and that their process of production has not affected the environment in a harmful way.

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