Brilliant Earth: A One-Stop Destination for Conflict Free and Ethical Diamonds

Brilliant Earth can offer you a huge collection of conflict-free diamonds that have been ethically sourced and manufactured! It is a one-stop destination for beautiful ethical diamonds! Read more!

Founded in 2005, Brilliant Earth is a global leader in conflict-free and ethically sourced diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth is more than a brand that is passionate about creating a more compassionate and transparent fine jewelry industry. It is a company whose mission is to make jewelry as beautiful and affordable as it can be. 

What is a conflict-free or ethically sourced diamond?

The unethically-mined precious stones (diamonds) are illegally traded all over the world and tainted by violence and bloodshed. Before the early 2000s, most of the diamonds came from Africa or more specifically from war-torn cities and regions, however, since then, the diamond jewelry has taken a pretty serious approach to removing these horrible practices.

The Kimberley Process was soon established (when the United Nations collaborated and partnered with nongovernmental organizations) and the Kimberley Process supervises the export and import of rough diamonds to successfully eliminate conflict diamond selling and trading. Diamonds can be certified as conflict-free through compliance with the Patriot Act. When buying conflict free or ethically sourced diamonds you can be absolutely sure no violence, no human rights abuses, environmental harm or child labor come from the production of the precious stone.

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Brilliant Earth Goes Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds

The mission and the end goal of Brilliant Earth is to create a more ethical diamond jewelry. There are lots of jewelry stores that offer conflict free diamonds, however, most of these stores are limiting to the Kimberley Process. Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond the industry standards and offers conflict free diamonds with a listed country or area of origin.

Brilliant Earth has a group of suppliers which expose a strong chain of protection protocol for their diamonds and can track diamonds by origin. This group of diamond suppliers is obligated to source diamonds that originate from mine operators who are internationally recognized and follow specific trade, labor, and environmental standards.

Brilliant Earth also offers recycled diamonds, as well as, lab created diamonds, both of which are eco-friendly alternatives.

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Why Opt for Conflict Free Diamonds?

We would like to present you a few reasons why should you opt for conflict free and ethically sourced diamonds:

  • Saving Lives – In a competitive industry that for so long has not been regulated or supervised buying a conflict free diamond contributes to the ending of the fine jewelry industry standards that in developing areas and countries result in an ongoing negative treatment and miserable living conditions of the employees.
  • Transparency – Brilliant Earth takes it one step further to ensure you are only buying the best materials possible and eliminating the middleman along the way that might ruin the process.
  • Ethical Supply Chain – When you buy a conflict free diamond ring or diamond earrings you became an integral part of the whole process and ethical supply chain. You know exactly where your precious stone was sourced from, by who, and every person that worked on the stone.

The ultimate goal is to encourage their incredible non-profit partner Diamond Development Initiative and support their amazing work to bring these precious jewels to market in the future.

Don’t hesitate to visit the official Brilliant Earth online store and explore the breathtaking collections of diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

You can also visit their showrooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, DC and take a closer look at the sparky conflict free diamonds.

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