It’s Time For Me To Get A Round Of Auto Insurance Quotes

It’s time for me to get a round of auto insurance quotes. I’m kind of looking forward to it this time, as I’m expecting a huge drop in my rates (really looking into getting the cheapest auto insurance). For starters, both my teenagers finally have their own cars and policies, so I’m going to be dropping them off my coverage. Secondly, I now work from home, so my mileage has dropped considerably.

I’m hoping the combination of the two is going to mean that I get some seriously lower auto insurance quotes. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to pay for a full policy in advance this time instead of going with monthly installments. Given those installment fees, that should save me $36 alone over the next year. That’s another Christmas present under the tree.

Still, I won’t just choose a policy based on the price. The coverage has to be enough and I’d like a few perks too. I want to know that I’m covered when I drive a rental car, so I don’t have to pay for their insurance package. I also want roadside assistance in both my own car and rental cars when I travel.

One thing I might also look into finally while making this round of collecting auto insurance quotes is bundling policies. I currently have a renter’s insurance policy, a life insurance policy, a policy on my boat, and another on my motorcycle. Many of these providers also cover cars, I will ask if there is any savings to be had by combining any of these together.

I’d combine policies with my husband, but he’s got a few tickets and points still on her record, and I have no intention of paying extra for his misdeeds. I won’t even ride as his passenger most of the time.