How to Get to Havasu Falls during your Grand Canyon Adventure

The Havasupai Trail is one of the most picturesque trekking activities that you must have during your trip to the Grand Canyon. Apart from visiting the most popular attractions of the Grand Canyon, a side trip to Grand Canyon’s Garden of Eden is truly a must.

A round trip to Havasu Falls is over 20 miles. The level of difficulty when hiking or trekking will depend on what time of year you plan to schedule your trip. Ideally, you need to schedule a trip to Havasupai during spring, when temperatures do not soar 100 degrees, and the waters are kept at a constant 72 degrees.

The Indian Reservation where Havasu Falls is located is closed during winter. There are some who still venture to Havasupai Indian Reserve during monsoon season, but if you are a beginner, you may want to avoid these months at all costs. Flash floods and heavy rains make the trail difficult and challenging not only for amateurs but for veterans as well.

 The Havasu trail can take up at least two days. If you want to explore and learn about the site, it’s always best to follow the two-day itinerary set by tour guides.

The ten-mile trek starts at Hualapai Hilltop. Make sure to pack all your bare necessities as there are no stores or shops for a few miles ahead.

One-way hike to Havasu falls will mostly take up seven hours. Be sure to start trekking in the early hours of the morning to avoid getting burned by the sun. Bring a gallon of water with you, as you will most likely reach halfway the trail with the sun out already. You can also reserve pack mules and horses to make your trekking more comfortable.

The trail includes dramatic sandstone precipice and switchback cuts into the cliff. After a mile of walking, you’ve already descended 2,000 feet from your starting point. The next few miles consist of dry and hot walk along trails that drop through the layers of red sandstone. You will then reach Havasu Canyon after 8 miles of trekking. You know that you have arrived at your destination once you set foot at Havasu Springs.

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